DUI Henderson

A DUI in Henderson, Nevada

Getting a DUI in Henderson, Nevada means that you are going to be in Henderson Municipal Court or Henderson Justice Court.

If your DUI is with Henderson Municipal Court, then you will be dealing with the Henderson City Attorney’s Office. If your Henderson DUI is with the Henderson Justice Court, then your case will be dealt with the District Attorney’s Office of Clark County.

We all know that consuming alcohol can impair your ability to safely operate your motor vehicle. Beyond the dangers of operating your vehicle under the influence and the fact that you can go to jail, there are other hidden costs of a DUI conviction in Henderson that you may have never thought of.

Henderson DUI Attorney

There are some strong arguments in favor of hiring a lawyer to represent your DUI case. Henderson DUI attorney Brett Whipple can help you by possibly having your charges reduced and can aid in the negotiating of your potential sentence. Henderson DUI Attorney Brett Whipple is experienced with the Henderson court system and the process of going to trial for a DUI crime. Our office can give you legal DUI advice and protect your rights.

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