Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Nevada

Las Vegas DUI Attorneys
Being arrested under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is typically the starting point to a stressful, embarrassing, costly, and drawn-out engagement with the Courts and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Our Las Vegas DUI office can provide you with affordable legal service so that you are adequately informed and properly represented throughout the process. Call DUI Attorney today at:

Hiring a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

The Las Vegas court system is confusing and having an experienced DUI lawyer to guide you through the process is advantageous. While it may cost you financially, having a lawyer represent you will oftentimes not only make sure that your rights are being protected, but will also make sure that you are aware of all your legal options. In a time when sobriety tests are commonly administered falsely and evidence is suppressed, having experienced legal representation can ensure you get the fairest trial and suffer the fewest legal consequences.

There are some strong arguments in favor of hiring a lawyer to represent your DUI case. Las Vegas DUI attorney Brett Whipple can help you by possibly having your charges dropped or significantly lowered and can aid in the negotiating of your potential sentence. Las Vegas DUI Attorney Brett Whipple is experienced with the Las Vegas court system and the process of going to trial for a DUI crime. Our office can give you legal DUI advice and protect your rights. Call DUI Attorney Brett Whipple today at: 702.731.0000


  • 1st time DUI
  • 2nd time DUI
  • 3rd time DUI
  • Multiple offenses
  • Hit and run
  • DUI with injuries
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Restricted license
  • Suspended license
  • Las Vegas DUI
  • Henderson DUI
  • North Las Vegas DUI

Not All DUI Attorneys Cost the Same

Each DUI attorney charges what he or she has determined is an appropriate fee for the level of his or her services. Don’t hesitate to ask a lawyer what it will cost to represent you. Las Vegas DUI attorney Brett Whipple has many years of experience in Nevada DUI defense. He has the knowledge and experience to handle all the issues in your case – both complex and standard issues – to ensure that you receive excellent legal representation.

Your DUI attorney is the one person in the court room who is on your side, unconditionally. You need to feel comfortable with your DUI attorney. You have to feel like your attorney listens to you and understands your concerns and goals. Additionally, you have to feel like you can trust the advice and counsel your DUI attorney provides to you.

Las Vegas DUI and Auto Insurance

A Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas DUI conviction can cause your Nevada car insurance rates to increase dramatically. If you have been cited for a DUI, your insurance premiums may double, and in some cases, it could even triple if your car insurance carrier finds out. Your insurance could even be canceled.

When you are convicted of a DUI, you become a risk to all car insurance companies. If you previously had a “preferred driver” policy, which is an insurance policy that will have much lower insurance premiums than high-risk drivers, your insurance rates will most likely go up and you will lose your preferred status. Your rates will increase because your car insurance carrier will consider you a financial risk. If your Nevada carrier underwrites a car insurance policy for you, it may have to pay out a large sum of money if you have a car accident that causes substantial damage or causes bodily harm to someone.

Las Vegas DUI attorney Brett Whipple  can help you negotiate a lower fine (or in some cases no fine) and fewer or no points on your driving record. If your case must go to trial, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to give you the best possible chance to beat your traffic, speeding, or DUI ticket. Call Las Vegas DUI Attorney Brett Whipple today for a free consultation at: 702.731.0000 

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