Unfair Tickets

As the city of Las Vegas reaches for new revenue streams, it often relies on Las Vegas traffic tickets to fill the coffers. The Las Vegas police department will tell you that the issuance of tickets is to ensure public safety. There is some truth to that; however, there are fewer accidents than before indicating that drivers these days are more cautious, speeding less, and obeying traffic signals than years gone by.

This would normally result in less traffic tickets in Las Vegas, but instead, the opposite is true. Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas are on the rise because local municipalities are in dire need of cash. Each court in Las Vegas knows that there are a certain amount of tickets that will invariably go into warrant. Now Las Vegas Municipal Court, Las Vegas Justice Court, North Las Vegas Municipal Court, North Las Vegas Justice Court, Henderson Municipal Court, and Henderson Justice Court will have the opportunity to tack on warrant fees on these citations thus increasing their revenue even more.

The courts love it. Nevada Highway Patrol loves it. All the local police departments in Las Vegas love it because now money is flowing into the pension funds and the like.

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket in Las Vegas unfairly, call our Law Office today at 702.731.0000. At the Law Office of Brett Whipple, located at 1100 S 10th St Las Vegas Nevada 89104, our primary goal is to make sure that you are treated with the respect you deserve, and that all of your legal rights are upheld. We know that tickets are unfairly issued solely for money and not public safety.

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney Brett Whipple has the legal experience as well as the knowledge regarding traffic tickets in Las Vegas to ensure that you have a fair day in court. If you didn’t do anything wrong, we’ll do everything we can to prove it.

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